Plan Afrique Online

Plan Afrique Consulting offers a wide range of services in the field of Architecture, Urban & Regional Planning, Project Management, Urban Design, Research & Strategy/Policy Formulation as well as Community Participation services

Our Services

Our team of highly experienced, multidisciplinary, creative professionals will deliver on any of the following services.


We identify and solve practical problems of human interaction in the built environment. We combine knowledge of design, philosophy, aesthetics, material and construction in new and innovative ways.

Project Management

We oversee all aspects of the design and construction process a building project from developing and reviewing building plans to making sure a projects meet environment and zoning standards.

Urban Planning & Design

We perform a multi-disciplinary process involving the design of buildings, space and landscapes and the establishments of frameworks of process that facilitate successful development.

Feasibility Studies

We begin with site evaluation and analysis to determine the suitability of the project in question including zoning regulations, options are developed, and compared and a program of work identified.