About Us

We offer a wide range of services in the field of Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning, Project Management, Urban Design, Research and Strategy/Policy Formulation as well as Community Participation services.

Plan Afrique is an established Architectural and Urban Designers practice, our Head Office is in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Architecture: 3D Modelling, Urban Design, Working Drawings, Quality Control and Supervision.

Urban Planning: Layout Plans, Township Establishment & Land Development Plans, Spatial Development Frameworks, Community Participation Consulting services, Land use Management services (Town Planning Schemes), Research & Policy Formulation, Urban design Framework and Precinct Plans, Integrated Development Plans (IDP), Land Use Applications (rezoning, subdivision, township establishment) Local Economic Development Strategies, Housing Development.

Project Management:
Project and Construction Management.

Feasibility Studies: Market Research, Development Economics, Cost Benefit Analysis

Our Accreditation

The South African Council for Planners


South African Council for the Architectural Profession


Project Management South Africa


National Home Builders Registration Council


Your Guarantees

Plan Afrique team

We have a team of highly experienced creative professionals with a combined experience of more than 70years. Our team has key individual skills that make them effective members of this multidisciplinary team of architects, engineers and town planners from different backgrounds. We create original solutions which enhance the fourth dimension of space – the dimension of sensitive spatial experience, the interaction between people and their environment. Our special focus is on the client needs, the relation between buildings and city, the sustainability and the intention of producing contemporary architecture. We intend our architecture to play a role in citizens' everyday life, making them feel and experience this through materials and well designed spaces.

Our Ethos

(i) Design, though aesthetic, is primarily functional, enhancing user-experience as much as possible, we partner with the client to fully embrace the needs of the end user .

(ii) we create brand new ideas based on contextualization and site analysis,

Plan Afrique intentionally narrows the gap between humans and nature for a harmonious and sustainable cohabitation.

(iv) Plan Afrique believes in high-quality materials, which enhance comfort and save energy

(v) uses the existing elements of the site to bridge the gap between former identity and new design for new purposes